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Hi, my name is Dawn and I am a yarnaholic. There I said it. Unfortunately I do not have a large disposable income to feed my habit. This is what first drew me to recycled yarn. It was a way for me to fill my stash without emptying my bank account, and I loved the idea of rescuing that lovely fiber from a landfill somewhere. I knit almost all of my projects with recycled yarn now, and attempt to spread the joy with others through my yarn shop The Twice Sheared Sheep. I feel that every knitter (myself most definitely included) deserves to use high quality and beautiful materials. Join me on my knitting and fiber adventures as I strive to cover the world in wool!


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  1. Are your stitches $8 or $10 each? Want to clarify to be sure. Usually stitches markers are sold 6 to 8 markers for that price or a little more.

    • Yes, you are correct my Infinity Ring and Mobius Ring stitch markers are $8 for a set of 6. My removable melody ring markers are $10 for a set of six. We take great pride in providing a superior product. We use silver plated wire and most sets feature semi precious stones. Each marker is carefully formed and inspected to be completely snag free in our signature styles. If you give them a try, I guarantee you will agree that they are well worth the price 🙂

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