Knitters May Be Wrong

Now, I hate to admit this, but Knitters may be wrong.  I know, it is sacralige to even think that the collective wisdom of thousands of meditative knitters may be incorrect, but here me out here.

It is not always the best policy to bring your knitting with you.

It is a long standing philosophy that a knitter should ALWAYS have something to knit with them.  Often times, choosing the project to take along takes precidence over anything else that goes into the bag.  Always having a small project to work on no matter where you are ensures that you will never be bored.  Unexpected waits at the doctors office, are nice surprises since you can finally get some work done on that sock.  Truly obnoxious people in can be reduced to mildly anoying with the zen powers of garter stitch.  It is much easier to get excited about going out on a cold day to the park if you know that you will get to sit and knit.

Here in lies the problem.  I have adhered to this phillosophy religiously for several years now.  I have found though, that the when knitting in public is combined with my children, the zen just doesn’t kick in.  Rather, it makes me more irritated.  Why oh why won’t my toddler go play with the other kids and let me knit?!  I have begun to realize that while knitters, in general, are enormously giving and nurturing people, that knitting in public when your children are in involved is not loving and nurturing.  If I take my knitting and attempt to knit, my children will interrupt me and I will be annoyed.  If I never take the knitting out (but know that it is there) I will be annoyed because I never got to take it out.

In an effort to be a good momthis morning, I spent the 30 minutes required to bundle up a 3 yr old and 1.5 yr old twins to go to the park.  It is autumn and while not too cold, it does require some preparation, such as making sure that everyone involved is wearing pants, and shoes, and hopefully a coat.  Considering how much my little boys love to go to the park, one would think that they would help this process along.  The frustration of it all is enough to make me want to hide in my room with some nice safe garter stitch.

Normally when we go to the park, I will sit on the bench and read, or knit while the kids play either with the other kids there, or with eachother (that’s why you have more than 1 kid right?).  This produces a half-hearted attempt at play for the most part that inevitably leads to bickering.  Since I have toddlers, anything I try to do while sitting is frequently interrupted while I have to chase them down and tell them to please not eat that, it’s icky.  Lately, though, I have been experimenting.  I don’t bring a single thing for myself to do.  My only goal was to play with my boys.

It is amazing how that simple act (even divided by 3 small children) changes the whole outing.  We all have a great time.  Giving my children my full attention for the hour that we are there works wonders on the attitudes of my children towards me and my attitude towards them.  Amazingly enough, I find that I like them.  Their little faces are absolutely adorable when lit up with the knowlege that mommy is playing with them.  You know what else?  They are more likely to allow me some time to knit when we’re home.  Amazing.

So, I would say to all my knitting mommy friends out there that there are definitely times when the knitting should be left at home.  This is not limited to work meetings, but may just include the most common time for mommy knitting.  Park time.


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  1. Whew! I totally needed to read that today! Great post 🙂

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