Yarn Club

360 Stitch Markers

Several years ago, the knitting world as we know it changed when 2 ladies with a lust worthy sock yarn decided to start a club.  They obviously knew how sock yarn was like crack to knitters and that even at $20 a skein it flew off the shelf.  I don’t think that even they could anticipate the reaction to their sock of the month club, or that they would have to explain to a bank that yes, hundreds of knitters WERE in fact paying all that money in advance for a package of string every month.  Blue Moon Fiber Arts created a phenomenon that has taken the knitting community by storm.  Every independent dyer, spinner, or purveyor of wool seems to have jumped on the band wagon and opened up a club offering knitters and spinners the chance to give themselves a gift every month.

I will admit to dipping my toe in and trying my hand at a yarn club.  I quickly found out how time consuming providing for a club can be!  With my production level, I’m afraid that a flourishing yarn club where my bank decides to shut me down because knitters are showering me with cash just isn’t going to happen.  I can’t handle it, so I tip my hats off to those of you who can, and contribute in other ways.

This past week I had an independent yarn company contact me to purchase some of my stitch markers for one of their  upcoming club shipments.   I was totally honored and thrilled!  They needed 120 min-sets for their shipment.  I would like you to know that my largest club shipment was 5.  If you are running a club (or several at the same time) that have 120 people participating, you are a rock star and I am so honored that you want me to be a part of that.  Of course I want to spend 3 days making 360 tiny little knitting jewels for you to include in your club.

Bring on the club orders!  I’ll give a 25% discount for anything heading out as a part of a club.  I take custom orders ^.~


2 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of stitch markers. I love your stitch markers though, and I’m so excited for my next “set”

    Great Job Dawn!

  2. What a great order! I have no idea what stitch markers are used for, but yours are always so pretty.

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