P1090317A week or so ago, the temperatures dipped down far enough at night that we woke up to a world covered in a thin layer of frost.  My first reaction was to smile at the beauty of it, then to yank down the baskets of winter clothes in the closet.  As a knitter and a lover of wool, I am prepared for the arrival of frost. I have a basket full of hats, mittens, and scarves that have been lovingly crafted out of wool in previous years.

The organization of such a treasure trove of winter woolens has never been my top priority, however.  Each spring I toss all the kids mittens, and hats up into the baskets with little regard to whether they actually make it into them in any sense of order.  Periodically over the next 6 months, the kids will pull down the baskets to get jump ropes, or other misc. things and play dress up in their wooly finery.  I never much worry about any of this until the first frost.

Inevitably digging through the baskets on that first fateful day of cold weather, it becomes apparent that a bit of foreplanning would have been helpful.  Coats and mittens are all imbedded with a the inevitable dirt that comes from playing outside in the snow and mud of a Colorado winter.  Mitten strings have snapped, and horror of horrors, several pairs of mittens have lost their mates.  I can only assume that these poor lonely souls have lost their mates to the land of lost socks and are destined for the trash themselves.

Each year, it is the same.  I look at my bedraggled but warm looking children and promise that each and every article will get a nice warm bubble bath that evening.  This would all go better if I had remembered to wash everything before throwing it in the basket.  It would have gone better if I had thought to knit new mittens before the frost came.  The truth is, though, that I am always so overjoyed at the end of the cold that I throw all symbols of it up out of my sight and hope only for sunshine.  It isn’t until after 6 months of sweltering heat that I truly appreciate them again.  I suppose it’s a good things that it doesn’t take long to knit a pair of mittens.  Or to wash the ones I already have…



2 Responses

  1. I love your post. It was snowing this morning. In october!! I have the same problem you are having… and I do not enjoy making mittens at all. And I’ve been sick, and wishing more than anything that I had thought to make a hat for myself!

  2. We havent had any snow yet (Thank god) but if it follows last years pattern it will come two days before haloween and STAY till april! I cast on some mittens for kiva and finished them last week. I have some for skye OTN but she’s been really sick and i find my knitting time has disappeared! Kiva’s already snapped her cord. I think the cat had a paw in that!


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