5 O’clock

Glass Window

5 O’clock is the most difficult time of my day.  I am not sure what magic that last hour before dinner seems to hold, but it makes the natives restless.  All 5 of the children are home. They have finished their homework and usually exhausted their video game time.  They roam the house in a loud giggling, screaming pack that frequently breaks out in wrestling matches in the middle of the floor.  I have been working for the last 2 or 3 hours and have ventured out to start work on dinner.  Since the Kitchen is the central room in our house, it seems that we all end up in this room.  It is during this hour of the day that I find it the most difficult to remember why I love my children and why I work so hard to make this my way of life.

My main source of serenity comes from a large cut glass window set in my front door.  Our home is not expensive and I am sure that there are hundreds of houses across the country that have this same standard glass window set in their own front doors.  My window is magical, though.  It faces full west and as the day progresses, more and more sunshine will stream through this window and scatter rainbows across the wall and ceiling.  I think of these rainbows as our afternoon visitors who come solely to bring cheer into the house.  At about 5 O’clock the light from this window has made it’s way across the living room and streams with soft rays into the kitchen.  As I am going about the business of repairing dinner one of these rays will fall softly across my face as I turn around and stun me for a second into stillness.  For that instant, the laughter of my children fills me with joy at their exuberance rather than frustration at the volume.  I remember that repairing a meal for my family is an act of love rather than a burden and my soul smiles.

They say that the vitamin D in sunshine can lift our moods and make us happier people, but I am inclined to think that there is something more to it.  Anything viewed through a beam of sunshine is softened and glorified.  Many people talk about rose colored glasses, but I think that if we all viewed something through a beam of sunshine each day, the world would be a happier place.


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