I Bet She Knits

My 5 yr old daughter LOVES Fancy Nancy.  I must admit that i like her too.  I love the pretentiousness of a little girl who is trying to be “fancy”, but really what draws me in are the illustrations.  I always judge a picture book by the pictures.  I will buy books simply because I love the pictures, even if I have no idea what the book is about.  I have a stunning Christmas book with drool worthy art of Saint Nicolas in my book shelf that I don’t believe I have ever actually read the words.  I just love to stare at the pictures.   The illustrations in Fancy Nancy are whimsical and adorable.  Each page makes me smile.  She’s such a girly girl and the pictures are so detailed.  I can get lost in all the little things here and there that the illustrator puts in.

We don’t have a large book budget, but I buy each Nancy book that I can when I see them.  The double issue at the school’s book fair was a great buy, so of course it came home with me from parent teacher conferences last week.  I didn’t think I could like Nancy more until I saw this:

Fancy Nancy Yarn illustration

Nancy is doing a book report and wants to make a fancy cover.  Her mom takes her to a craft store and she comes home with these.  These, my dear friends are hanks of yarn.  Not balls, not skeins, HANKS.  You’ll also note that the tag has a happy little sheep on it.  Now, how many non-knitters do you know who actually know what a HANK of yarn looks like.  How many non-knitters do you know who think that yarn should come from sheep and that wool is good?

I bet Robin Preiss Glasser (the illustrator) knits.  It’s the most logical conclusion.


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