It’s wool weather

Today is the official first day of Autumn and Colorado has been prepairing for it for the last few days.  The skies are gray and brooding.  Rain has drizzled down off and on making our sandy yard muddy.  The mornings are chilly and all I can think of is raiding my sweater stash so that I can wrap up in something warm and wooly.

Every year, it strikes me again how much the shift in temperature can affect my moods so much.  I always like to knit, but pulling out the warm coats for my kids this morning made my fingers positively itch to pick up wool and make mittens.  Sunday as I looked at the lovely summer skirts I usually pull out, I longed for a sturdy plaid wool and daydreamed of adding this to my knitting que (which is WAY too long).  I am sure that the temperature in my house has not truly dropped like I imagine. My husband still slept with only a sheet last night, but I was wrapped up in a comforter and thinking fondly of my flannel pajamas.

I think it may be the lack of sunshine.  Without the yellow glow pouring in my windows to warm my skin, I need to wrap myself in wool as a substitute.  I am sure that in a few months I will crave the warmth and the sun.  I’m sure that I will miss the light gauzy Sunday skirts.  For now, though, I can hardly contain the joy that Fall is here and that it is once again wool weather.  Bring on the hot cider, pumpkins, and crunchy leaves.  I’m ready.


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  1. Nice post! It makes me want a cup of pineapple green tea and a blanket 😉

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