I remember When

I remember when:

-I held the baby all day long because if I put him down he would scream and I didn’t mind a bit that I didn’t get anything done.

-I could sit and be bored because there wasn’t a single thing that I really should be doing instead of sitting.

– I had enough arms and lap to hold all the children.

-The floor wasn’t covered in toys (even 2 minutes after picking them all up)

– 1 box of macaroni and cheese was enough to feed us and have leftovers

– If I put something somewhere, I could count on it staying there.

– I could see the surface of my desk (I think it’s still tan, but not sure)

– I would visit my sister in law and watch her kids run around the house and scream and think. “My house will NEVER be like that!”

– I wanted my kids to be smart instead of wishing they wouldn’t keep out thinking my carefully laid plans so quickly.

– I didn’t think it was normal that babies came in twos.

– I could stay awake until midnight and not feel like a zombie the next day.

– I could sleep in until 10 am (seriously, even without the kids help, I can’t manage that now)

– Every horizontal surface wasn’t covered in yarn.

– I knit every single thing from a pattern because deviating from it terrified me.

– Knitting needles felt wierd and awkward in my hands

– I thought wool was itchy

– I vowed I would never again recycle another sweater

– I could spend all day writing a list without someone demanding that I be done NOW!

What do you remember that seems strange now?


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