I’m afraid that I have been a bit MIA this week.  I have still been sitting here staring at this same computer, but as my children may claim, I haven’t really been here.  You see, I’ve been building a new website for The Twice Sheared Sheep.  My Brother in Law set me up with a great account with Dotnetnuke.  It is seriously addictive to tweak every little detail, and then of course there is the stand alone shop that I am building that needs to be filled with about 100 items that each have 4 options and 3 pictures.  This takes FOREVER.  I’m coming up for air because, well, the kids are letting me know in no unceartain terms that they are my FULL time job, and this little yarn thing I do is supposed to be the part time gig.  I can handle that.  The website is live now.  The shop still needs work, but I’ll get ot that.  Hopefully with a little bit less obsession.  I don’t really want to know what the 3 yr old may stoop to if this goes on for another week…

Check it out!

The Twice Sheared Sheep Website


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