When I began designing this pattern for the August Pattern of the month I was a bit intimidated.  I sell so much of this very fine luscious merino, and yet I have knit very few things with it.  I love lace and I absolutely adore this yarn, but lace and small children do not always mix well together.  I wanted to design a pattern that was beautiful, but simple enough that I was sure I could knit this in the month that I had while I had children running around distracting me.

I began with the yarn.  I chose a lovely sweater of slightly variegated blue gray.  It reminded me of water in it’s liquid blue, and it’s gentle, effortless drape.  I wanted to capture that somehow in it’s delicate lines. I wanted it soft, rounded, and flowing.  I envisioned currents of water gently flowing down the scarf to wrap the wearer in it’s gentle embrace.   It  took close to a month of charting and re-charting to get the gentle swirls to flow across the page just how I wanted, and as much time to knit each and every stitch of my vision into reality.

The name came long before the final design was formed.  One of my favorite authors is Jim Butcher.  In his fantasy series, The Aleran Codex, the people have elemental familiars that are companions and helpers in their lives.  One such water spirit is called Rill.  Wikipedia defines a “Rill” as a tiny rivulet formed by erosion in the soil after a rain, or from runoff.  This seemed the perfect name for the gently flowing scarf I imagined.

In the end, the scarf is more luscious and lovely than I had hoped.  After knitting with the extra fine merino as a lace weight yarn, I am so proud that I offer it in my shop.  It is truly scrumptious!

You can buy the finished pattern as a PDF download from Ravelry

or as a PDF email in my Etsy Shop.


2 Responses

  1. Absolutely Lovely. I have a perfect yarn for this! If you can do it with 5 monkies, I can do it with 2. I’m going to HAVE to get my hands on that pattern. Do you prefer etsy or ravelry? I can do either, but Etsy, only when it’s just a pattern!

    • It is probably quickest to do it through Ravelry. You will get it right away without me having to email it to you 🙂 I’m so glad you like the pattern.

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