Sneak Peek

It’s the first of the month!  That means that my next round of samples for the Phatfiber box got shipped off to Jessie this morning.  July’s theme is “Non-wool” and I’m really excited about it.   Unlike many people who contribute to the box, a large percentage of my yarns don’t have a drop of wool in them.  I have chosen, though, to only contribute the very best for this box.

Up until January I resisted standardizing the size of skeins that I offered.  I never knew how much yardage a sweater would give me and I didn’t want to waste any of that precious yarn.  In February, I joined Phatfiber and I had a solution for all of those luscious bits that I just couldn’t force myself to toss.  Those sections of sweater that are too short to make a full sized skein now get broken up into mini skeins and sent off to Phatfiber.   I have been stock piling my most precious of mini-skeins just for this month.  This month, you get CASHMERE!

Ostrich feather kerchief pattern and lace weight mini-skein

Ostrich feather kerchief pattern and lace weight mini-skein

I have submitted 30 of these little knit kits to the Phatfiber box for July.  Each has a 100 yrd mini-skein of either 100% cashmere, or silk cashmere blend and a hard copy of my ostrich feather kerchief pattern.  The pattern is simply enough for a begining lace pattern and was designed specifically for these little mini skeins.

I have also included 50 of my fabulous Moss Agate Infinity Ring Stitch markers.

Moss Agate Infinity Ring Stitch Marker Samples

Moss Agate Infinity Ring Stitch Marker Samples

On a totally unrelated note, I also sent out the first shipment of my Project of the Month club!  I will refrain from giving pictures of what was included for at least a week so that it will be a surprise for the recipients, but here’s a little sneak peek  ^.~

Top Secret July Project of the Month


2 Responses

  1. OHH!! I’m so excited about my pattern of the month club package! Thank you (or not…) for not revealing the contents! I love surprises, but I’m also the person who cuts the tape on Christmas packages to peek! 🙂

  2. i really love the design of your stitch markers – simple and elegant. Amazing you can do all this with 5 kids! I only have 3 (including baby twins as well!) and have trouble getting much of anything done.

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