Tour de Fleece

I have been a bit out of the loop for the great internet knitting community activities for the last year.  You know, all the knit alongs, and spin alongs, and news and such.  I have had a pretty good excuse, what with the birth of the twins last February and all.  Their birth meant that I had 5 children ages 6 and under.  That sounds MUCH scarier than it was since my pregnancies were all about 2 yrs apart.  Having 2 at once just kind of threw a wrench in everything.  In many ways having twins is no more complicated than having just 1 baby, but in other ways it can be much more frustrating.  When they were tiny, there were 2 diapers to change, 2 mouths to feed, and 2 sets of little lungs to scream at you when you weren’t fast enough.  Now that they are toddlers, there are still 2 diapers to change, 2 mouths to feed, and 2 sets of lungs to scream, but there are also 2 sets of little legs to run in oposite directions and 2 sets of little hands to get into everything.   There is also always a friend to play with and the twins are remarkably sweet together.  Even though they are capable of running in oposite directions, most of the time they choose to run together, like a little pack.  While some days I feel a little bit overwhelmed with everyone home for the summer, for the most part, we have found our groove and I feel that I can begin to dip my toe back into the great world that is the online fiber community.

With running a growing business, and the kids and all, I may just be insane, but I feel that I need to force some time for myself each day, so I have decided to join the Tour de Fleece spin along.  The Tour de Fleece is a spin along that coincides with the Tour de France bicycle race.  They spin, and we spin.  While spinning yarn has absolutely nothing to do with bicycle racing, it provides a cute name, and a fun way for the fiber community to bond.  The race begins Saturday July 4th and runs through Sunday July 26th with breaks on the 13th and 20th.  As participants in the Tour de Fleece, we dedicate ourselves to spinning at least a little bit every day of the race.  That’s 21 days of spinning.

I am not crazy enough to believe that I will be spinning enough to knit myself a sweater, or vastly improving my spinning skills, with my life, just spinning even a little bit every day is a great challenge.  I have 18 fiber samples from the May and June Phatfiber box to spin and will probably get my July samples before the challenge is over.  Each of these samples is only about 1/4.  I think that I can dedicate at least a few minutes each day to spin up a sample, or to ply, skein and wash one.  I think that’s doable.

So, everyone look forward to spinning pictures, because there will be a lot coming your way!


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  1. Sounds like fun! Good luck with your goal of spinning every day.

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