June Phat Fiber

June Phatfiber

I must admit that look forward to the arrival of each month’s Phatfiber box with FAR too much excitement.  It is like receiving a present in the mail each month.  I wait with anxious anticipation when I hear that it has been sent. Each day I run to the mail box hoping that it will be there and feel a bit ashamed at the pang of disappointment when it is not.  Then the glorious day arrives and it is HERE!  I excitedly open the box to pet all of the glorious fiber goodness.

Phatfiber has changed me in ways that I did not expect. I have developed a preference to the fiber treats rather than the yarny ones, and THE BATTS!  Oh, the batts make me swoon.  I had never spun from a batt before I joined Phatfiber, and now it seems I just can’t get enough of their fluffy, wispy, squishy goodness!  This is not saying that the yarn is not fabulous, but it is something about the potential in that wad of fluff that makes me go all weak inside.

If you were not fortunate enough to receive a box this month, or have never heard of Phatfiber, you can live vicariously through mine.

Phatfiber Spinning Fibers

June Spinning Fibers

Phatfiber Yarns

June Yarns and Fun Stuff

Click on the above pictures to see them larger.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed ^.~

Sneaky Pig 100% Merino Wool, Worsted Weight.  I’m afraid that my picture doesn’t do this justice.  It is a deep, rich blend of blues, purple, and greens, almost like peacock feathers.  The yarn is not as soft as some merino yarns I have felt, but is definitely next to the skin soft, squishy and bouncy.  It is smooth and looks like it would have a wonderful stitch definition.  I think I may swatch some cables with this to find out.

Mad Angel Creations Hand Dyed Wool, White Silk Noil, and Silver Angelina Spinning Batt.  This batt is an expert blend of blues, greens, and black with the white swirls of silk noil.  It is soft and fluffy, not silky or whispy with just a few shimmering glints of angelina.  Silk noils produce a slubby yarn when spun and I’m not sure how I want to spin this up yet, but I can’t wait!

Corgi Hill Farm Superwash Merino, Silk, and Firestar Spinning Batt. This is one of my favorite batts in the box!  It is an incredible blend of deep royal blue (one of my all time favorite colors), white, and shimmery silver firestar.  Angelina apears like very fine strips of mylar in a batt, but this firestar is like shimmery strands of wool.  It has the same texture and crimp as the wool it’s self.  The batt is so fluffy and loose, not at all compacted.  I can feel that this is going to practically spin it’s self.  I think this may be my first choice to spin this month.

Smoky Mountain Fibers Falkland Wool Roving.  This roving is going to be an incredible yarn. The color shifts gently from teal, to lavender, to blue and back again.  The wool feels grippy, like it wants to maintain it’s roving shape, but very springy.   While the roving is thinner in width (which I love, by the way)  I can tell that this roving is going to need some predrafting before I spin.  The spun yarn I picture is a fat 2 ply barber pole with blues and greens twisting effortlessly around eachother.

Goat Goat Sheep Raw Spinning Locks.  I believe that these are mohair, but the package doesn’t say.  They also appear to be dyed (maybe with natural dyes?) in soft golden yellow and orangy red.  The locks are tightly curled and shimmery.  They feel smooth like the suri alpaca I have hiding in my closet, but not as wispy.  The package has some vegetable matter in it, but that is totally expected in raw fiber.  I haven’t decided if I will comb this and spin it as is, or blend with something else.

Gale’s Art Black Blue Face Wool Roving.  This roving is to die for!  Again, my picture doesn’t do it justice.  The color shifts effortlessly from mossy green, to ocean blue, through purple to deep plum and back again.  The roving seperates easily for predrafting feels like it should slip easily against it’s self.  This roving is destined to become a finer yarn I think, like a 2 or 3 ply fingering or sport weight yarn.  The thinner the yarn, the longer I get to play with it!

Natchwoolie Silk Milk & Bamboo Spinning Batt. I have been waiting since February to feel her lusious fibers and I finally got some!  This little batt is my Husband’s top pick from the box.  It is a creamy blend of blues and white that has an almost pearlized sheen to it.  It feels silky and smooth and my hands and I’m sure it will be a little slippery to spin, but I still plan to spin it very thin, in order to prolong the pleasure of the fiber.

Dawning Dreams Murano Granite Spinning Batt.  This batt is has the most incredible depth of gray color.  It is a blend of natural undyed gray, black, brown, and white wool.  It is fluffly, soft, and loose just waiting to be spun.  I am fascinated with the soft fluffy texture, and the million shades of gray I see in it.  I can tell already that this is going to be a joy to spin.

Into the Whirled Roving.  The tag does not say what kind of wool this is, but the color is “Mercer’s Pier”.  With it’s incredibly rich blue, aqua, navy and brown, it makes me think of tropical fish, and beaches, softened by white, and gentle lavender.  The roving strips (3 of them) are thin, almost pin drafted.  They seperate easily, but the wool is so springy that it takes a bit of force to predraft it.  The natural seperation in the strips make me think this is going to become a fat, sproingy 3 ply yarn.

Twisted Fiber Superwash Merino Roving. This is a fat fluffy roving ( or top?) that is absolutely divinely soft. There is 1 small tuft of seaglass green, and another larger tuft of the most incredible mahogany brown.  I am definitely a fan of superwash merino to spin.  It is silky and squishy at the same time.  The colors in this are so rich that I can’t wait!

Silver Sun Alpacas Mohair, Bamboo, Superwash Wool, and Glitz Spinning Batt.  This is another one of my favorites!  The shear amount of color in this is drool worthy.  I LOVE heathered yarns and this is going to make the most stunning of heathered yarn.  It has black, and pearly white, and deep aqua mixed with shimmery teal.  The batt is loose and fluffy, not compacted, so inviting!  I can’t wait to see the thin, shimmery, heathered strand that this batt produces!

Hampton Artistic Yarns (or H.A.Y) Spinning Bun. This is a fat roving with a million different fibers squished together.  There are so many different textures in here that the yarn is sure to be one of a kind.  The thick batt seperates and drafts easily with a soft, springy, wooly feel, even though I know there is angelina and silk mixed in there, the wool dominates. This will be a great experiment to spin with!

Moonlight and Laughter 50% Superwash Merino, 25% Alpaca, 25% Nylon.  This is a nice, thick, fingering weight yarn.  It is loosely spun and I could tell right away that it had alpaca in it.  It is slightly fuzzy from the longer alpaca strands, and has that drapey feel of alpaca yarn, but still has some lovely bounce and give that I love in superwash merino.  The colors are muted ranging from golden yellow, green, blue, and dusty purple.  I probably wouldn’t choose this as a sock yarn.  It seems too loosely spun, but I think this would make incredible baby items, mittens, gloves, etc.

Holiday Yarns FlockSock Sock Yarn. 75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon.  This is a very fine 4 ply fingering weight sock yarn.  It is spun tightly, but is still soft and springy.  This reminds me of the weight of many of the Knitpicks yarns.  The color is a 2 tone, soft blue that I believe is self striping.  Yummy! (P.S. The web address on the tag was wrong!! The correct address is http://holidayyarns.com )

Flying Wright Farms Panda Sox Yarn. This was a generous sized sample of  thicker weight sock yarn. It is squishy and bouncy with a shine like it has silk.  It has a slightly crunchy feel in my hand, but I believe this is just because it demands that I knit it and then wash it.  The yarn has a nice tight twist for socks, but is still supple and almost drapey.  The colors are vivid, with neon yellow balanced nicely with aqua , deep green, and purple.  I love how this yarn shines like silk. I can’t believe that it is bamboo.

I also received some great fun stuff!

Vickie’s Stitch Markers knitted a sweet little kitchen cotton fish (that is going to live in my kitchen) and attached a pretty red stone stitch marker.  I can’t even imagine how long it took her to knit all those fish!

Designs by Tami included a cute little pink sheep circle charm.  I am not sure what the purpose of the charm is, but the sheep has hearts in it’s wool and I love it 🙂

Rebecca M Hill included an Octopus knitting pattern perfect for a sample sized portion of sock yarn!

Katherine Vaughan Designs included a “Sandy Bracelet” pattern also using a sample sized portion of sock yarn.  There is no link to her shop 😦

and finally,

Sunnie Fairy included a crochet fish pattern!

I can’t wait to dig in. Hopefully I will be able to post again with finished objects and spun samples from the generous and luscious samples!  Stay tuned!


6 Responses

  1. Wow! You’ve done a wonderful job describing everything. I’m going to have to see what you write up in the future. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing….

  3. it is so great of you to give these shops even more exposure with your pictures and comments. What beautiful stuff!

  4. What a haul! I too love the Phat Fiber box, and I’m always delighted that it has turned so many people on to spinning! Apparently if you give knitters bits of fluff over and over they eventually break down and give into the urge to make their own yarn… *evil laugh*



  5. Thanks so much for the rave review! I hope you enjoy my “Oceania” fiber. I had a great time making this especially for this month’s box. You can actually get this fiber to go quite fine. The silk noil will lend texture, of course, but really it is possible to make thread with it. What I like to do with small samples is get the singles as fine as I can, and ply with a complementary single. That way I can get maximum mileage out of it. Or…um…I guess that would actually be “yardage.” LOL. Well, have fun with it, and thanks again. I really appreciate the review!

  6. What a terrific box! I love mine too – all those lovely blues and greens to play with.

    Glad you like my roving – You are right – It does like to be pre-drafted before spinning. That may be my favorite colorway: Beach Glass. Thanks for the review!

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